Adweek is a media magazine that covers the latest news in advertising, media, and entertainment. Coverage from some of the best reporters and journalists offer an in-depth perspective on the people, companies, and tastemakers who make the news.

Adweek is the magazine for readers who want up-to-date coverage on the brands and people making the news. From hit television shows to the most influential advertising campaigns, Adweek's thoughtful perspective offers a snapshot of the media industry and offers readers the best information about news and entertainment broadasting.

Founded in 1978, each issue of Adweek contains comprehensive information about trending topics and offers coverage of breaking and relevant news. Regular topics include analysis of news topics, insight into technology and agency news, helpful infographics, and coverage of brand marketing campaigns. The magazine also features industry awards that honor the best and brightest in the media.

Other features include in-depth reviews of high-profile advertising campaigns, as well as insights into new developments in content marketing. Whether it's a new effort from an established brand, or a breakout campaign from a brand new company, Adweek's commentary is not only relevant, it's also delivered by established reporters, writers, and journalists. The magazine also features profiles of celebrities who have started their own companies, and also highlights public figures and business owners who are finding success in the world of advertising.