Combat Handguns

Combat Handguns is America’s definitive handguns magazine. For over 40 years, Combat Handguns has delivered to the American firearms enthusiast breaking news and reviews of the latest and greatest pistols and gear (tested and evaluated by some of the country’s most esteemed gun writers) as well as shooting tips, close-combat tactics, interviews, profiles and coverage of the country’s ever-volatile legal landscape.

Combat Handguns magazine provides in-depth coverage of the world of handguns, including new models, holster options, and ammunition. Each issue features a wide range of articles written by experts in the field, who share their knowledge and insights on a wide range of topics, from selecting the right handgun for self-defense, to the best shooting techniques, and much more. The magazine also features reviews of the latest handguns and other gear, providing readers with an independent and unbiased assessment of the latest products.

Combat Handguns articles are written by experienced shooters and firearms experts, who share their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics. The magazine also features beautiful photography of handguns, including the latest models, allowing readers to appreciate the craftsmanship and design of these weapons.