Handguns magazine is a magazine written for the firearms enthusiast. First published in 1987, Handguns is the largest handgun-only magazine in the country.

Small firearms owners, proponents of self-defense, and competitive shooters are among the magazine's target audience. Handguns magazine emphasizes the proper use and selection of handguns for defense and sport shooting.

Content in each bimonthly issue focuses on sport hunting, marksmanship techniques, and personal and home defense. Some of Handgun magazine's regular features include: "Guns & Gear," new stuff for handgunners; "Ammo Shelf," ammunition recommendations and reviews; "Defensive Tactics," self-defense tips and techniques; "The Well-Dressed Gun," which covers accessories such as lights, sights, and grips, "On Patrol," insight on law enforcement issues; and "Firing Line Reports," details about new handguns. During the year, Handguns magazine may publish several special issues, such as "New Handgun Preview," "New Replica Handgun Roundup," "New Holster Roundup," and other topics related to handgun safety, accessories, and performance.