Maximum PC

Maximum PC magazine is a computers and electronics magazine for the savvy PC owner. First published in 1996 under the name boot, the magazine changed its name to Maximum PC in 1998.

Each monthly issue focuses on cutting-edge PC hardware, with an emphasis on product reviews, empowering how-to information, and technical briefs for PC owners looking to get the most performance from their computers.

In addition to covering major PC components, Maximum PC also addresses smartphones, tablet computers, cameras, and other consumer electronics that interface with PCs. The magazine reviews software as well, ranging from anti-virus protection, content-editing programs, and games.

Some of the notable features in every issue of Maximum PC include: "How To," a step-by-step guide to improving PC performance; "Ask the Doctor," which shares advice for fixing computer-related problems; "Head to Head," a comparison of similar components, software, or applications, including a verdict on which is better; "Autopsy," a peek inside the inner workings of various electronic devices, such as printers or cameras; "The List," a rundown of the top items within a given subject, like monitors, screensavers, etc.; "Build It," details of a computing building challenge; "Reviews," various products put to the test and graded on performance; and "Blueprint," a step-by-step guide to building a better PC, complete with a list of components and price.