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The #1 PC Gamer magazine featuring the latest game reviews, gaming hows, tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of your computer gaming experience.

PC Gamer is the #1 magazine for PC gamers. Each issue is packed with reviews, industry news and gaming strategies. Gamers everywhere will look forward to each new issue of PC Gamer.

The monthly issue contains in-depth reviews of the hottest new shows. Industry experts give their opinions about the newest games, masterfully explaining the ins and outs of each game. Each article is accompanied by awe-inspiring stills pulled from the video game. PC Gamer also features information about the latest hardware. Topics include "The Best Gaming Headsets," "The Best Gaming Mice," and "The Best Gaming Keyboards." In addition to highlighting the best types of gear, the hardware section also discusses the system updates that will be present in Microsoft's newest operating system. Each issue also features the latest industry news and developments. Whether you want to read an interview with your favorite game designer or learn about the best types of gear, you will appreciate a subscription to PC Gamer magazine.

The publication is perfect for gaming enthusiasts everywhere. Each issue is packed with gaming tips, exclusive reviews and photos to help you get the most out of your gaming experience.